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Your voice when you can't find the words...

Hi, I'm Ellie, nice to meet you! 

Having gained a first-class law degree over four years ago, I quickly learned that wasn't where my passion lied. Isn't everyone's goal in life to be doing something they love and enjoy? So copywriting was a no-brainer for me. 

I am now a qualified copywriter through the College of Media and Publishing and I'm here to make your life easier, I'll be your voice when you can't find the words (and finding the right words are vital for any successful business). 

Getting to know you and your business, to truly understand your needs is important to me. So, I'll lend you my ear, whip you up some great copy and help your business grow. 


If you are a fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand looking to build a bond with your audience, bring out your brands personality and turn browsers into buyers, then be sure to pop me an email ( and we can arrange a time to chat!

When I'm not writing I'm chilling with dog, on a long walk, or planning my next travel destination.

Check out my Instagram page @eoacopywriting for a weekly dose of copywriting tips (and some great travel photos). 

College of Media and Publishing Qualified

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