Hi, I'm Ellie (if you hadn't guessed already)


Having gained a first-class law degree over three years ago, I have been navigating the world of work in the legal industry. I am incredibly proud of how hard I have worked to be where I am today but it really isn't my true passion. When I think back to childhood, school and university I can definitely say that I owe my successes to my writing skills. I have always loved to write. Sitting down, researching and gathering up notes to produce an assignment or a story comes naturally, and most importantly, I enjoy it.


Isn't everyone's goal in life to be doing something they love and enjoy? So copywriting is a no-brainer for me.


I produce high quality copy to inform and engage, whether that be through:


-Website content

-Brochures and leaflets


-SEO Copy

-Social media and blog content


-Email Copy

-Product Descriptions

(Basically, if it needs writing, I'm your girl!)


Getting to know you and your business, to truly understand your needs is important to me. I support all businesses small, medium and large, start-ups and charities.


If you are looking for a copywriter that is approachable and friendly with reasonable rates then you are certainly in the right place!

When I'm not being a word-wizard I'm probably baking up a storm in the kitchen, on a long walk with my
best friend (who is in the form of a fluffy spaniel) or dreaming about my next travel destination. 

Please contact me at eoacopywriting@gmail.com with any questions,
I really would love to help you and your business grow.

Check out my Instagram page @eoacopywriting for a weekly dose of copywriting tips!

College of Media and Publishing Qualified